even if i found someone new, i couldn't love them, the way i loved you

¿cómo está?

yo wassup im andre but you can call me dre. im an american student and aspiring musician and i have no idea why i made this (boredom tbh)

about me

-cis/het guy
-from southern california in the usa
-young adult
-mixed heritage (mali/italian/benin&togo/irish/korean/native american/creole + a lot more i dont know LOL) but i typically just identify as and i look black fam
-i go between estp and entp but you get the idea
-scorpio and i definitely fit a lot of the stereotypes
-true neutral
-very lax / spiritual rather than religious christian
-musician; vocals, piano, drums, guitar and bass, hopefully learning to produce soon too

music genres

r&b is my favorite genre and i like most of it's subgenres.
hip-hop and most of its sub genres
dance pop
alternative, pop, and soft rock
jazz and neo-soul
future bass
classical and piano
tropical-house, deep-house, disco-house and nu-disco
rnb ballads

music artists

deantrbl , justin bieber, the weeknd, drake, j.cole (pictured), brian immanuel, bryson tiller, kendrick lamar, miguel, superduper kyle, anderson paak, daniel caesar, justin timberlake, childish gambino, eminem, kanye west, jay-z, zayn, g.soul, zico, kris wu, jay park, iu, heize, taeyeon, hyorin, ella mai, ariana grande, and a l o t more + a bunch of old-school singers im too lazy to list but stevie wonder is the GOAT

music groups / bands

I tend to prefer groups and members with good vocals or lots of talent. if a group has one member i feel shines more or i prefer them i usually solo stan them rather than the group itself. i dont really stan girl-groups aside from red velvet and even then only their rnb songs (with a few exceptions like day1). not out of a dislike for girl-groups as a concept, but in the way many are executed, which is why i usually only stan one or two out of them.

in order of amount of songs they have that I like
only groups i love beyond their music
red velvet
monsta x
wanna one
block b
super junior

biases / solo stans

v and jimin of bts (ult biases), d.o of exo (then chen, baekhyun, suho, kai and chanyeol), jaehyun of nct, taemin of shinee, junho of 2pm, dk and seungkwan of seventeen, seulgi and wendy of red velvet (irene is best visuals though), jae of day6, got7 youngjae, kyuhyun of super junior, rose of blackpink, monsta x kihyun, miss a suzy, baekho of nu'est, pentagon's jinho, jihyo of twice, luna of f(x), ken of vixx, b1a4 sandeul and 15& jimin.

interests & hobbies

studying new languages, currently learning spanish and korean.
pokemon (competitive battling)
comic books
animals (esp bears)
anime if im watching with friends
game of thrones
league of legends @ heliares
writing! i actually love writing and would love to pursue it as a career somehow as-well

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